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Staying Protected Online

This guide is mainly for computers running Windows Operating System, but the steps should be taken for any operating system.)

     Definition: "Anti-Virus" is protective software designed to defend your computer against malicious software. Malicious software, or "malware" includes: viruses, Trojans, keyloggers, hijackers, dialers, and other code that vandalizes or steals your computer contents. In order to be an effective defense, your antivirus software needs to run in the background at all times, and should be kept updated so it recognizes new versions of malicious software. 

     First thing you have to do when looking for Anti-Virus software isn't reading reviews and just picking one. 

     First step is finding what is compatible with your system. To do this you answer these two questions "What operating system I'm running?" (XP, Vista, Windows 7) and "What system type?" (32-bit or 64-bit) 

     Answering those two questions before looking goes a long way in finding one compatible with your system. 



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