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State Some Smart Strategies to Avoid Taxes on Crypto

State Some Smart Strategies to Avoid Taxes on Crypto
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Out of 100, 80 percent of people buy a cryptocurrency for investment. Digital assets generate a good profit, but a stage reaches where tax payment becomes necessary. According to the Internal Revenue Service of the United States, 0-37 percent of the tax is implemented on cryptocurrency investment. How can we avoid taxes on crypto? Looking at the increasing hype of digital currency, the government has deduced some strategies for decreasing the tax rate on cryptocurrency.  Let's explore some of the strategies.

Cryptocurrency Tax

There exists a fixed threshold, when earnings increase that benchmark tax is applicable. Various countries consider Cryptocurrency as an asset. It is the reason why capital gain tax is implemented on crypto earnings.  Based on capital gain there are two types of tax:

1) Short Term Capital Gain

Short term capital gain is applicable on cryptocurrency which has been in the user account for a year or less

2) Long Term Capital Gain

Long-term capital gain applies to cryptocurrency which has been in user accounts for more than a year.

When is Tax Applicable?

Usually, common users have this question, when will the tax be applicable on my crypto investment? When the rate of sold items is greater than the rate of bought items. Users need to keep a track of such statistics to prevent future issues.

Taxes are applicable on any asset you own but through the following techniques, you can get some relaxation in taxes.

1) Buy Crypto in IRA

There is a difference between a normal IRA and a self-directed IRA. Through IRA we can finance standard investments like stock exchange, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds. Self-directed IRA support modern assets such as cryptocurrency, precious metal, and metaverse

You start by searching for a self-directed IRA. After that, you can continue further.

2) Move to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a state of the US. If you are looking for a full tax waive, then Puerto Rico is the best place for you. It provides tax benefits like 100% tax redemption.

It seems easy that just a movement from one state to another will ease your life. But to be eligible for a full or partial decrease in the tax rate, you need to be a bona fide resident of Puerto Rico state. Gains earned before getting a bonafide certification will be handled according to the tax rules.

3) Declare Your Crypto as an Income

We don't have to pay income tax. So, we deduce a clear strategy, declare your crypto investment as income and get rid of tax payments. Declare the coins as income that you earned through trading or mining on exchange.

4) Hold Cryptocurrency for a Long Period

Frequent trading can put you under pressure. When people buy and sell cryptocurrency very often they have to bear the overhead of a high tax rate. Hold your cryptocurrency for a long period after buying. After a year or more, you can sell coins in low long-term capital gain.

5) Donate

Donate Cryptocurrency to charity. In such a case you can get saved from paying extra money on taxes.


Tax payment is something that no one likes to do. We try every method through which we can save ourselves from tax payment. You can follow any methods above to free yourself from tax.