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What are the Best Metaverse Coins to Buy in the Future?

What are the Best Metaverse Coins to Buy in the Future?
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Mark Zuckerberg–CEO of Facebook, has invested in the metaverse and replaced Facebook with meta. But what is metaverse? In simple words, a metaverse is a virtual world that contains 3D objects. The technology behind the metaverse is augmented reality. The metaverse concept is to build another world of virtual objects where people can move around in their digital avatar. It is the future of the next generation. Metaverse coins are used to buy anything in the digital world, just like cash in reality. To invest, we need to know top metaverse coins. Let's explore the best coins for future investment.

Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity is a metaverse play-to-earn game. AXS token is the currency used in this metaverse project. Yet, designers have kept VR technology away from axie infinity. So consider it like other normal games you play on a desktop.  

Axie is one of the most successful metaverse projects. It has a market cap of $5 Billion. Currently, 8.3 million players are earning by playing axie infinity. It is expected that the number will reach 10 million in the future.

The main characters of the game are axie kitties which are valuable NFTs. Players can sell, buy or trade them on the market and earn crypto coins in return. The Player has the authority to generate new kitties by breeding. The increasing craze of axie infinity makes it the top metaverse coin.


Another crypto metaverse project, The Sandbox, showed a high trajectory in 2021. The Sandbox has tried to map the concept of metaverse by introducing VR technology in gameplay. It is based on Ethereum blockchain technology. In the Sandbox, players can create NFT assets using SAND tokens and trade them on the market.

Sandbox initially is a game, but the heavy side lies towards NFT trading. A market cap of $3.690 billion shows how well Sandbox is progressing.

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

A future-based metaverse game, Star atlas, launched in 2021. The theme behind the atlas is to express mankind in 2620. Metaverse token ATLAS currency is utilized to buy in-game items. It is a reward-based game. The more you play, the better you earn.

Star atlas is based on Solana, due to which the transaction fee is very less. Growing capital of $134 million makes ATLAS a top metaverse coin.


The world is developing very fast. To progress, we need to match the speed with which the world is developing. Metaverse is our future. To be in the race of development, make your metaverse investment.