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What is CoinGecko?

What is CoinGecko?
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Cryptocurrencies are now the in-thing; everyone wants a piece. Traders and investors are busy looking for the best crypto to invest in. This can be pretty challenging due to a large number of coins. Luckily, we have apps and websites that provide listings. A good example is CoinGecko.

What is CoinGecko? CoinGecko is a platform that provides crypto listings. It shows the prices and aggregate information of cryptocurrencies in real-time. You get to discover the thousands of available coins in the crypto market.

CoinGecko has over ten million average monthly users. Its website attracts over 200 million page views per month, while its app has over one million downloads.

Origin of Coingecko

CoinGecko headquarters are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; It was created by TM Lee and Bobby Ong in 2014. The two saw the need for a friendly crypto website to track market data.

They decided to start with four employees and 20 coins. With time the company grew and expanded. One of the main things contributing to CoinGecko's growth is its location.

Malaysia is a low-cost area that greatly supports start-ups. Additionally, TM Lee and Bobby Ong didn't go for external ventures. This greatly cut expenses. As we speak, CoinGecko is the largest data aggregator in the world.

It showcases over 13,000 coins and 500 exchanges. Bitcoin is at the top with the largest market cap and network. You should note that CoinGecko isn’t an exchange platform where you can buy and sell crypto.

Its main function is to relay crypto information to help users make wise trading decisions. The platform achieves this by tracking price, volume, market capitalization, developer statistics, etc. To provide this massive information, CoinGecko utilizes a BigQuery analytics data warehouse.

Recently introduced are the amazing DeFi yield farming opportunities. CoinGecko aims to educate users about these platforms. It also offers interactive giveaways and yield gain calculations.

Features of CoinGecko

Depending on your preference, you can utilize the CoinGecko app or log in to their website. The platform is super friendly and easy to navigate through. Its incredible features and tools, on the other hand, will blow off your mind.

Daily Candies

Rewards are indeed enticing, and CoinGecko is good at offering juicy give-aways. When you login into the platform, you are rewarded with candies. Each day, you receive ten candies that you can claim at the end of the seventh day.

However, you have to make sure you log in consecutively until the seventh day. Missing a day leads to resetting, meaning you have to start again.

Portfolio Tracker

CoinGecko allows you to create a portfolio of your cryptocurrencies. This enables you to track your crypto’s price movements easily. You can also add in the date of purchase, price, fees, etc.

You can easily set a notification alert with your assets in a portfolio. Hence you can know when one of your crypto increases or decreases to a certain price.

Just click on the bell button, and you are done. No more staring at your assets every second. CoinGecko got you.


CoinGecko is a true life-saver. Traders at all levels now have real insights before making critical decisions. They also have access to educational material and resources. Genuinely, CoinGecko has transformed the crypto market.