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What is Meant by AMA in Crypto and What are Its Types?

What is Meant by AMA in Crypto and What are Its Types?
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AMA in crypto stands for 'ask me anything' and is a question-and-answer session used by individuals who offer their knowledge publicly. AMA is especially used by NFT projects to enable NFT holder engagement. These sessions are held live to benefit the majority of people. AMA is a great way for people to share and receive answers for their concerns, especially those who are confused and not sure about certain workings in the crypto market. The crypto world may appear complex and confusing and for that AMA exists. In this article, we have detailed the concept of AMA in crypto and how you can share your concerns to receive answers regarding crypto conveniently.

AMA Types

The ask me anything session in crypto can either be live or a pre-planned question-answer.

1) Live AMA Sessions

The ask me anything session in crypto can either be live or a pre-planned question-answer. Live AMA is most frequently used and is an effective source of answering many concerns regarding crypto. The live sessions are held by project members who clarify the concerns of the community members. These sessions do follow a certain pattern. The AMA session is initiated with a panel introduction by the admin and the community members are highlighted about the project discussion. All team members are served with specific questions according to their department and they proceed with discussion and clarification of these concerns.

The live sessions of AMA crypto are divided into two parts. The first session is based on selected questions that team members take lead on. The community members can proceed with their questions regarding crypto in the second part of the AMA panel discussion. The community members are only granted a specific time for putting out these questions. The second session involves a detailed discussion, analysis, and in-depth responses to the questions set out by the community members in the given 5 minutes. This session is enough to give a wide insight into the project and fill gaps in knowledge regarding crypto, of the community members.

2) Pre-planned Questions and Answers

The pre-planned question-answer involves answering questions of the community members promptly. This method is not streamed live, especially because the team admin and project members are busy leading live sessions Therefore, the community members follow announcements set out on social media to send and share the concerns they have. Social media plays a very vital role in these AM sessions as it acts as a medium on which time and date regarding AMA are posted. Pre-planned AMA is less popular than live sessions as they are not direct and spontaneous. However, this method is also very convenient and helpful for project community members who have concerns regarding crypto.

Who Can Participate in AMA Sessions?

AMA sessions of a particular project are conducted weekly for the community members to participate and share their concerns. As mentioned earlier, social media plays a vital role in these sessions. The scheduled times for these sessions are communicated or announced through posts on social media that alert the individuals interested in these sessions. Anyone can participate in these sessions, from any part of the world. However, they do need to enroll themselves in these sessions through registration before joining. These sessions integrate a comment section where all the questions are posted in the given period for expert analysis. Since the streams are held consistently, anyone with a missed concern can easily seek assistance in later sessions.


Attending AMA sessions appears necessary, especially before you proceed with investing and trading in crypto. These sessions provide you with a vital insight into the crypto world so you can make a profit and have good market value.