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How to Find New Crypto Projects and Factors to Consider Before Investment?

How to Find New Crypto Projects and Factors to Consider Before Investment?

Cryptocurrencies are the latest hype on the market. Though The concept was launched in 2009, people have been understanding it since 2012. The field of cryptocurrency is very swift. New projects keep being released often. Statistics show at present there are 1000 crypto coins available in the market. Are you going to study every altcoin before buying new crypto? It's not possible. SO, how can we find new crypto projects? That's the question of all crypto traders and beginners. Let's see some platforms which can help us find new crypto projects.

Social Media

We all use social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, telegram, and discord. Instead of entertainment, we can make better use of these applications. Discord, telegram, and Twitter are these main platforms that can help you in becoming a top crypto trader. What you have to do is join such media sites. Serve some time on them. Joining various groups, chatting with experienced crypto investors, and visiting web pages of exchange sites like Binance and coinmarketcap. Users can explore many new crypto projects through this methodology.

Follow Vloggers

Who does not use youtube? Almost everyone has a youtube application downloaded. There are many vloggers and experienced professionals who upload informational videos regarding new crypto projects on youtube. You can subscribe to any such vlogger and follow him regularly to increase your familiarity.

Vloggers upload videos of new crypto after a few months. It is an overhead. Because the crypto world is so fast that prices increase rapidly in a day. If we wait for videos then we can suffer a loss. But compromise can be made on such loss. It is not guaranteed that every new project is a successful one. Let particular crypto prove itself credible and then invest.

Chances of the scam are also common on this platform. As many content creators get sponsored. Fake companies of cryptocurrency pay them for delivering scripted lines. Such creators donot research crypto and just say what they are paid for.

Token Sniffer

If you're looking for new projects authorized by Ethereum and Binance smart chain, then token sniffer demands one visit at least. You can find a list of Ethereum approved tokens on this website. It is beneficial because along with new projects, information about credibility is also provided.

How Do You Choose New Projects?

When dealing in crypto you need to be careful. Invest after research and planning. Follow a few basic skills before investing in any new project launched in the market:

1) Age

Visit the website of the new project. Identify the date when the project was launched in the market. To believe the credibility, the age of the project must be at least 2 weeks. People who are riskier in investment can believe at 1-2 years of age.

2) Country

We need to check the country where the domain was created. If third-world countries are on the list then it's better to avoid such projects.

3) Team

Most crypto projects provide details of the backend team. Must check out the team of investors, sponsors, and owners to satisfy your soul.

4) Progress graph

Price charts and progress graphs of new projects are very beneficial. We can predict whether people are in favor of it or not.


Hence, we have provided information about how to find a new crypto project. Whatever source you are using for the exploration of new projects, just make sure that you perform detailed research. Because cryptocurrency is a risky field.