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How to Get Listed on CoinGecko

How to Get Listed on CoinGecko
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Getting your coin listed on CoinGecko is vital and extremely beneficial. CoinGecko is the world’s largest platform that displays crypto listings. Normally the landing page shows the100 top-performing cryptocurrencies.

These cryptos are ranked according to market view by default. Cryptos with the largest market capitalization always appear first. CoinGecko also allows you to view the cryptos in order of market dominance. Thanks to the social tab and Github statistics.

Getting Listed on Coingecko

Having your product on Coingecko is a challenging but manageable task. No fees or transaction costs are incurred whatsoever. Provided for you is a detailed guideline on how to get listed on CoinGecko.

Step 1: Fulfill All the Listing Requirements

  • Ensure your crypto is listed on one exchange platform. You have the option of creating your exchange platform and listing your token.
  • Relay clear information regarding your crypto’s supply and market capitalization calculation. CoinGecko values communication and clarity.
  • Have a functional website for your crypto asset that displays all information related to your crypto.
  • The website should be owned by your maintenance team, not website builders. Moreover, the team should have a representative for communication purposes. This allows investors to access valid information regarding your crypto.
  • It should also have an actual trading volume that meets API standards and coin basic information. Some basic information includes; Logo, name, ticker, etc.

Step 2: Fill in the Request Form

You can download this form from CoinGecko’s website. Please fill it out carefully, agree to the terms and conditions then submit it. Also, try not to submit multiple request forms, it leads to direct rejection.

Submission means you have given CoinGecko the right to procure all information related to your product. This is regardless of whether the listing has been confirmed or not.

Step 3: Review

CoinGecko afterward reviews your application and checks on the legitimacy of your crypto product. You can be asked to provide certain information or verifications during this process. Failure to provide leads to non-listing.

You must also warrant that all information provided is true, accurate, and complete. If not, you are bound to indemnify CoinGecko in case of any losses fully.

Step 4: Acceptance

If CoinGecko has agreed to list your crypto product, you'll receive a notification. The Coingecko team then merges the exchange API with the internal exchange library. Once the integration process is complete, your crypto is listed.

How Does CoinGecko Work?

Here we will look at how CoinGecko manages to calculate the following.


CoinGecko utilizes the global volume-weighted formulae to calculate the prices of crypto.


The Coingecko team determines the supply of crypto from the token representatives.

Trading Volume

Trading volume is obtained by summing up all the trading pairs at that exchange.


Getting listed at CoinGecko is the best way to make investors aware of your crypto product. However, to achieve this your crypto needs to be on the market for some time.

It also has to be constantly updated to reflect its actual data. CoinGecko mostly lists active products that prove to be worthy.