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What are REVUTO Services of Subscription Management?

What are REVUTO Services of Subscription Management?
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Do you like to watch Netflix, Discovery Plus, or Amazon Prime? If yes, then I am sure you have bought their monthly subscriptions. But have you ever tried to look at the services these platforms provide? Probably they are charging more than they give. We need something which can look after such issues. There comes Revuto. What is Revuto? To know about this read till the end.

What is Revuto?

Revuto is a blockchain-based project which manages abundant user subscriptions. ‘Enter your card details and after 40 days of free trial charges will be deducted from your account, you must come up with such phrases. Platforms deduct charges without informing clients. Revuto looks after client subscriptions and approves, block, or postpone unnecessary stuff. Once the subscription is active, Revuto will take care of further steps. Revuto runs on Cardano's scalable smart contract network.

REVU Token

As we have mentioned before that it is a blockchain-based project managed by Cardona then the need for crypto tokens is a must to operate. Revuto is operated through REVU tokens. To buy any subscription of any platform whether Netflix or amazon prime, you need to pay in REVU tokens.

To save REVU coins, Revuto offers a crypto wallet where REVU coins can be safely deposited after buying.

How Does Revuto Work?

Revuto application maintains a user-friendly interface. Those who are interested in buying Revuto services for subscription management need to sign-up for a Revuto application. It's like a compact word that contains everything in one place.

Service providers have added prices along with a Revuto transaction fee on the application. Clients need to pay a few extra dollars of subscription charges. ‘Approve’ and ‘Block’ button is used to let go or stop a particular action.

Target Audience

At present, we know living without online seasons on Netflix is difficult. Keeping in mind this opportunity, Revuto has targeted internet users who are more into online payments and subscriptions. Revuto is available for every customer who wants to manage their online network of payments. Because we don't want to waste our time looking where our money is utilized. Its purpose is to save the unnecessary waste of money.


Online subscription management services of REVUTO are providing ease to people. They are enjoying this service. Platforms that work for customer ease are always accepted in the market. The future of REVUTO is bright.