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How to Find Upcoming NFT Projects

How to Find Upcoming NFT Projects
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The NFT market totally shifted when Beeple made over $ 69 million from "Everyday: The First 5,000 Days". His collection of NFTs created an interest and demand for NFT projects. What is an NFT project? In simple terms, an NFT project is the production of NFTs on a vast scale.

Identifying and investing in these projects before they boom is fantastic. You get added to the  VIP list and reap all the benefits. Below are some of the ways to find upcoming NFT projects.

NFT Aggregators Like Rarity Tools

The rarity of NFTs is a crucial aspect to consider. NFTs that are very rare are the most valuable. Rarity tools help you check on worthwhile projects.

This way, you can identify the hot upcoming NFT projects. Different traders can design the same NFT, but only one will have the most rarity. Various things determine this.

The most common one is the supply factor. The lower the supply, the higher the demand for the NFTs. The rarity tools website helps you discover other factors and calculates the rarity score.

Minting Monitors

These are tools that show minted contracts on Ethereum. A good example is icy tools. With these tools, you can check potential NFT projects before they boom. The good thing about minting monitors is their ability to show real-time data.

Tracking Tools Like Crypto.com and Moby

What better way to get statistical NFT data than with Crypto.com. An excellent tracking tool that collects data related to the best NFT collections. You can calculate and identify which NFT project will blow up with this data.

Crypto.com displays the floor price, sales, volume, collection value, etc. Simply anything related to the NFT collection. This tool is super interesting as it allows you to view and track NFT collections worldwide.

Moby is pretty similar to Crypto.com. It works by relaying all real-time statistical data related to NFTs. The tool also suggests top NFT projects to invest in.

Social Media

Social media has made communication easier. The flow of information around the globe is fast. As an investor, you can get data related to upcoming NFT projects anytime anywhere. Twitter is one good source of NFT and Crypto information.

Online Marketplaces

Nowadays, platforms aren't used for trading solo. They identify upcoming projects as well. OpenSea is one famous platform that informs its users of any NFT upcoming project. It achieves this by tracking and analyzing NFT collections.

Depending on the analysis, NFT collections are grouped and arranged based on their traits. Hence it is easy for you to identify NFT projects performing well. Also, you can know the NFT blockchain utilized.


Traders, especially platforms, opt to create NFT projects rather than a single NFT. Some popular NFT projects include Azuki, Doodles, Rich Cats Nation, Yuga labs, etc.

To identify which is on the verge of booming, use the platforms listed above. Not to forget to carry out your research and calculations as well.